Students working in the lab

Setting up an eye-tracking experiment

Summer lab group 2016

End of quarter lab party 2017

Stephanie Rich presenting at CUNY 2017

Lab members at CAMP 2017

Lab members at CUNY 2018

Jesse Harris presenting at CUNY 2018

Marju Kaps presenting at CLS 54 in 2018

Lab meeting / surprise party

UCLA Language Processing Lab

Welcome to the UCLA Language Processing Lab

We are an interdisciplinary research space dedicated to exploring language and cognition through a multitude of methods.

Current projects include behavioral judgments to written and auditory stimuli, eye movements while reading and listening, pupillometry, and corpus work.

Our current research topics include:

Learn more about our current research.

We are located on the second floor of Campbell Hall in room 2226 on North Campus. Find Campbell Hall on the map.

Special notice: California Meeting on Psycholinguistics at USC!

After the inaugural workshop at UCLA, Elsi Kaiser and Jesse Harris are organizing the second California Meeting on Psycholinguistics (CAMP) -- an informal, student-centered workshop to promote psycholinguistics research in California. This year, CAMP will be held December 1-2, 2018 at the University of Southern California.

See the CAMP website for more details.


Recent Presentations


Eye Tracking Study

We have many opportunities for participation in research. If you wish to participate in an eye tracking study, visit the Sign up page to schedule a visit.

Student Researcher

If you are interested in participating in the lab as a student researcher for 2018-2019, please fill out this Google Form. Note that the research addresses psycholinguistics and sentence processing, not machine learning.

Graduate Program

Interested in pursuing a Ph.D in Psycholinguistics? Learn more about UCLA's graduate program in Linguistics.